Bad Breath (Halitosis)


Bad breath can affect the people next to us. This can lead to relationship issues and our emotional well being as a result. Prevention techniques include good oral hygiene, which includes brushing your teeth and tongue after eating as well as flossing. Persistent bad breath despite good oral hygiene may indicate some form of gum disease and require an evaluation by your dentist. For just temporary solutions and quick fixes, there are products available to help reduce and treat bad breath.


Table of Contents


1. Topical spray

1.1. Saliva substitute

2. Lozenges

2.1. Dry mouth

3. Breath strips


Topical spray


Dry mouth can be one of the causes of a person’s bad breath. Topical sprays containing saliva substitute can be used to help keep the mouth moist and feeling fresh.




Lozenges help prevent dry mouth and keep the mouth moist by stimulating saliva production.


Breath strips


Breath strips contain ingredients that temporarily masks the bad breath. However, treating the underlying cause will give more lasting results.